Kicking my sweet tooth addiction

I have a passion for sweets!  I love, love, LOVE to bake.  Last night, around 6:00 PM, my youngest son Samuel asked if I would make him cinnamon rolls.  I could not pass that up, and of course… I made cinnamon rolls.  They weren’t finished until 10:00, but still Samuel got his cinnamon rolls.  In the past, this would consist of me tasting the dough (I love raw bread dough) and licking the spoon on the icing (I love icing too… are you noticing a pattern here?).  But this time was different.  I have committed myself to the Eat to Live program for 6 weeks.  I wasn’t sure if I could do this (mostly because of my sweet tooth), but when I saw that my husband was on board, then I decided to give it a shot.  I never thought it would become so consuming and FUN for me.  I haven’t had sweets for 18 days now, and the burst of flavors that I can taste now is just AMAZING!  For instance, this morning I went to my water aerobics class at 8:00AM.  I had my regular fruit and spinach smoothie on the way there.  On the way back, I was hungry so I decided to eat a nectarine that I had brought with me for “just in case.”

I never expected to experience what I did.  There was this amazing, and overpowering sweetness just oozing from the juice of the nectarine.  It was almost as if I had never tasted anything so sweet or flavorful!  It was sweeter than any chocolate, or candy, or cookie that I had eaten in the past.  And the punch…. WOW!!!  This health plan is something I plan on sticking to for the rest of my life!  Fruit is the only candy that I need now.

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