Garden Veggies… YUM!

Today, I went out to water my garden.  It is nearing the end of the harvest for us because the temperatures are too high, and the bugs are getting so bad.  We have had rain so bad for the past week or more, that I haven’t had to water it in so long.  I guess we haven’t picked much either because of the rain.  I was pleasantly surprised with what I brought in today.  Now… what to do with all of the peppers.  Well, in the first place, I needed to make my salad.  Imagine my excitement to be able to use veggies that had just BARELY been picked 🙂

You can just see the water oozing out of these.  They were SO CRISP and FRESH!  Delicious.  I made a delicious salad.

I added some fruit, and my lunch was complete!  So satisfying!  Now…. what to do with those peppers!  I will blog about those tomorrow 😉

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