The ivory tower prevails…this time.

In my kitchen, most everything is fairly practical. Even the decor is practical.

But everyone has their “thing,” right? That thing where they must (and I mean MUST) allow themselves a little high maintenance?

Fresh spices:

  • Price: about $2.99 per box
  • Shelf life: about 4 days
  • Accessibility: inconvenient
  • Prep time: about 3 minutes–2 minutes and 95 seconds longer than dried spices require
  • Quality of experience: to die for

Coming home from a long day full of researching dead guys, I needed something hands-on and tangible to inspire me. As I was preparing some roasted chicken for my husband today, I took a little extra time chopping up my sage, rosemary, and thyme while snorting whiffing the wonderful fragrance of serenity. (Sage is my favorite.) I even provided myself with some Deuter spa music via Pandora.

Most of the time when “food snobs” rant about random little heme heme’s and *patooeys* that so-called “true cooks” must do to qualify as competent, I get annoyed. But this time, whether it was the music or the smell, it didn’t matter. I was a happier woman.

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