Up to date weight loss and exercise commitment

Today is the beginning of week 4 for me and my health journey.  Steve and I began Eat to Live on July 1 (it is now July 22), and we have stuck to the program like glue!  I am happy to report that I am feeling more and more energetic, more happy, have a clearer mind, and just an overall sense of well being.  I do not feel cheated on what I get to eat, I feel liberated.  My cravings for sweets are gone.  I fulfill that desire now with fresh fruit.  We try to weigh every day, but count our weigh in on Sunday as the official.  I am happy to report that my weight loss from July 1 is a solid 18 pounds!  We have committed ourselves to 6 weeks of this program, yet I can see us carrying this further and further. Steve has lost 15 total.  I would encourage everyone to read the book “Eat to Live” and follow its principles.

I have committed myself to begin my exercise regimen this week as well.  I am pleased to report my progress.  I worked out on the elliptical machine at the Health and Wellness Center (no arms yet.. just my legs) on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.  Each time, I went for a total of 20 minutes, on the lowest resistance setting.  Furthermore, I went to the water aerobics morning class on Wednesday and Thursday.  I rested on Saturday and walked one mile down our road and West Lake this morning.  Ahhhhhh it is a challenge for me FOR SURE, but I feel so great after it’s all over!  I am committing to 6 days again this coming week.  Thank you for following my blog.  It’s feeds my enthusiasm for this.

4 thoughts on “Up to date weight loss and exercise commitment

    • Thank you Melanie! :):) I am inspired by YOU. And… although I’ve got a LONG ways to go, I am feeling great already 🙂

  1. I feel the same way about exercise! Boo! LOL But, I always feel great afterwards, also….
    I bought the book, and am currently reading it.

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